Friday, July 24, 2009

It's finally Fridayyyyy!

We had a crazy night out at Alive After Five. Typically Kevin always comes up to my place around 5:45, we have a drink, then he goes with his boys and I go with my girls. It is just how we have always done it. My AA5 partner in crime, Tara, was not here this week so I went with Kevin and one of his partners from work. Started at Stoolies (of course) then went over to see The Blue Dogs. We had set a strict curfew for us to be home by 9pm. Yea, that sort of happened by not really! We left Epicentre at 9:30pm but HAD to go back to Stoolies. You know how that goes. At 11:30pm, we got back to Avenue. Ahh, we try so hard to always come in early on Thursday - it just doesn't happen! Here are some pictures from last night. It was VERY humid, therefore my hair is a fro!
The Blue Dogs.
Kev and his boy Sabota.
Walking home...
Kevin and Jim thought it would be real cute to get Kim and I shirley temples. Ha!

Tonight, I think we are doing date night at Basil which is the AH-mazing Thai restaurant at the bottom of our building ( We have only ever gone out to dinner by ourselves three times (and two of those has been at Basil!). Craziness! We are always too busy. This is the first weekend we have had in months where we can do whatever. It's going to be great!!! Hope yall have a fantastic weekend too!

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