Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Easy Meals to Freeze

Here is a list of some meals I recently made for my parents when I went to see them. These can all be frozen then pulled out when you want them (except the last two). I was able to be efficient with ingredients too. 

None of this is riveting but sometimes I think we tend to overcomplicate getting dinner on the table. I'm trying to keep things easy at our house. 

1. Quiche - sausage, mushroom, onion, yellow pepper (saute it all then put in pie dish and cover with eggs, milk and ground mustard combined, then bake)
2. Meatballs - Dad can use these for spaghetti or on a meatball sub or just by themselves with a veggie and salad. 
4. Old bay chicken - marinated and froze two chicken breasts and then two others in ziplocs. PS - my kids eat this. The old bay is not overpowering. 
5. Sheet pan dinner - smoked sausage, red potato and green beans. Chopped it all and put it in a gallon bag to eventually defrost and throw on a pan. Used frozen green beans. 
6. Burgers with Montreal seasoning - premade these and put two each in a Ziploc. 
7. Spaghetti sauce - always nice to have a couple of portioned out good spaghetti sauce containers. 

These two meals I left for them to have the day I left and day after: 

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