Thursday, May 23, 2024

This Week

This week has been insane and I knew it was going to be like that since about February. But here I am. Been to Vegas for 21 hours, slept about 2. Came home. Had Member Member Tennis at our club which is one of my favorite things ever. Still alive. 

Poor Mills isn't doing well but he's been seen again at his oncologist and we have a big wound to heal. Zero clue how it happened. But it's an answer to why he's been limping and why his leg is so swollen. He is such a good boy. We are doing all we can for him. And have for some time. I truly feel confident in that. But we will keep doing what we are doing until it becomes for us. Ahhhhh!! I love him. 

Onto something frivolous and fun...

ONE - these shorts are super fun and make an outfit look put together. On sale for $50

TWO - love this dress. Classy and flattering. On sale 40% off. 

THREE - a top that looks expensive but isn't outrageous. 

FOUR - I can't stop with these "comfy" tanks. These are not for working out. They're for hanging out ha! They're wonderful! $23 right now. 

FIVE - can't go wrong with a top that you can wear for all of the things!

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