Friday, May 31, 2024

Friday - Mock Swim, Towels

1. Had our mock swim meet this week. I had to bust home from work to get them over there in time. Swim is 6 weeks and wild every year!!! They both did great though. Molly Anne swam the IM again this year. Grady did backstroke too! 

2. Grady built this creation and asked his teacher to send me a picture. Isn't it so cool? The pic made my day!

3. Mills is doing better!

4. Grady needed some new towels. These are my favorite long lasting towels. I still have some from high school. Check out what he wanted on them - golden retrievers! So cute!

5. Had another work trip this week. Tried to fit it in before school gets out. It was chaos me being gone this time of year. It was one of those times of "ok I cannot work anymore, this is insane!" Ahhhhh. 

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Grady has his last baseball game tomorrow. George Strait and Chris Stapleton are in town for an awesome concert but we aren't going. Talk soon!!

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