Monday, May 20, 2024

Hanging Around Weekend

Mills came to tennis lessons on Friday afternoon. He has a tennis ball with him of course!

Impromptu night with our peeps. They all kinda match. DBs for dinner then hanging in the back yard. Hadn't had that kind of night in awhile and it was much needed. 

This boy had an awesome game on Saturday! Played good defense in the field and had some big hits. 

His biggest fan 

When we came home from baseball I noticed how much bigger Mills' leg was than the other. He had been limping for a week but after his vet appointment on Tuesday it was better. Saturday it was terrible again. I took him to the emergency vet which is the same place as his oncologist. They consulted and couldn't find the cause. Could be an infection or blood clot. X rays look good ortho and cancer wise. He's on all of the medicines. It's still not any better. It's so sad. He won't put any weight on it. 

Molly Anne and I took him. Then we had to leave and I'll spare you the rest of the details but it was a 5 hour ordeal. Loving on her best buddy. They take really good care of Mills there. Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Matthews if anyone is local. They're amazing. 

Sunday morning I found this. It was cute. Molly Anne has always been very attached to Mills but honestly Grady has a very special relationship with him too. I've been sleeping downstairs with him. I hope we get more answers this week. 

Got these pictures hung. We had them at 10 months and 2.5 years but I just got their 5.5 year olds framed and now hung! Kind of obsessed. Dubose Photography

While MA was at a party, we went to Sam's. Kevin LOVES Sam's club I'm here to tell you! He was so happy that I came too to see all of the things that they have!! I'm not kidding! 

We had a good dinner that I grilled then we all called it an early night. This week is gonna be a mess but I'm here for it! 

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  1. The framed photos look so nice!! Thinking of you all and Mills - I hope he is on the mend!