Friday, May 3, 2024

Five on Friday

This week was honestly insane. I just keep getting roped into stuff and I cannot do it anymore. Anyway it'll be fine. I think I have a high capacity of stuff I can do but my calendar is off the rocker. 

Monday I was in Winston Salem, NC for a work meeting then we all went to dinner at a local steakhouse Ryan's. It was delicious. Got back home super late but it was a good day with a great client. 

1. Last Saturday night Kevin and I decided last minute to go over to our club for dinner at their new restaurant then watched a guy perform some country music. It was a good time. Probably too good of a time. We saw a bunch of friends we know. 

2. Greer turned 8! What's better than a slime and glow 80's party?!! Atomz Lab did a great job with the girls doing experiments and making slime!

3. Church cuteness. The pastor did a Q&A on Sunday and he is just incredibly intelligent. I like the way he thinks and how he rolls. He's an attorney by trade so it isn't his first rodeo at being sharp!

4. Attended a funeral for one of Kevin's oldest friend's dads this week. He was in the Air Force. The police escort and military service were incredibly moving. This is Providence Road at one of the busiest times of day in Charlotte. 

5. Hilary recommended this old school Chicken Rice and Broccoli Casserole recipe that she ate growing up. It was so good. I used a bunch of extra fresh broccoli and doubled the rice. I loved how it was one dish and had protein, starch and vegetable in one. I made it at 6:30am while my kids ate breakfast then popped it in the oven while I was doing swim drop off and pick up! (I cook it then turn the oven off while I go pick her up then turn it back on to finish cooking when I get home. Time saver during a busy time of day)

Happy Cinco de Mayo on Sunday!! 

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