Monday, November 20, 2023

The Greenbrier

On Friday we headed up to The Greenbrier in West Virginia. We hadn't been since I was like 8 weeks pregnant with Molly Anne so we were excited to get back there. We went for our friend Ariel's 40th birthday! Also Friday was my birthday so it made it an extra good excuse to get away. First we stopped in Lewisburg which is a cute little town nearby. We saw three golden retrievers within 5 minutes of being there. 

We had lunch at Humble Tomato per my cousin Laura's suggestion. It was amazing and Kevin and I split the Italian and Meatball sandwiches. And my drink was a margarita on the bottom with a Pinot noir floater on top. We walked around some shops after lunch and the extra cute one was Cat and Kate who I now follow on Instagram haha. I picked up a hair clip and Sunshine Tienda hat. I've wanted one of the hats for the longest time so now I'll be ready for Spring at the beach!

We scooted over to The Greenbrier mid afternoon! It's sooo pretty and decorated for Christmas which was an added bonus!

We had cocktail hour catching up with Hilary and Drew. Would you look at all of those prints?!! 

Friday night was the big celebration dinner for Ariel! My dress is from Tuckernuck and is the Hyacinth brand but looks like it's sold out, old gold shoes and earrings from Laura Cox collection. 

7 of the 9 couples here!

We had dinner at Prime 44. It was delicious. 

Then the girls walked all around the hotel checking it out which ended up being an unplanned photo shoot! 

We ended up in the casino for the night for gambling (guys) and dancing (girls)!

Saturday during the day we recovered from the previous nights activities, a bunch of the girls went to the spa (the Swedish massage was so good!) and then we met up for lunch downtown White Sulphur Springs. We went bowling in the Greenbrier bowling alley, walked in all of the shops and had a grand ole time! 

That night we had reservations at the sushi place for dinner. Wore this new dress and some old Dune heels. 

The best dirty gin martini - look at those stuffed blue cheese olives!

We hung out in the casino then ventured to the lobby bar with everyone. 

Sunday we got up super early and headed back to Charlotte to see the kiddos. We had three different groups of people help us with the kids so we could leave for the weekend. Good times! Julie picked them up from school, Kevin's parents had them for a night and a wonderful babysitter Ashlyn kept them the other night! They had a great weekend as well! 

Much needed adult time for sure! 

Happy Thanksgiving week! 

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