Monday, May 20, 2019

Weekend Parties

We had a busy weekend!  First we got to go next door on Friday after work and swim. Grady loved it again this year as I figured he would!  

Mills even took a dip and doggie paddled! 

Saturday morning we chilled and Grady tried on some new pajamas he got for his birthday!  

We played outside a ton and I love this picture!

Kevin took Molly Anne to the playground, Target and Chick Fil A in the morning. Then they went to the pool all afternoon.  Emme happened to be there so that was a fun surprise!!  I didn’t know what to do with myself only having Grady so I got some things done around the house when he napped!

I took Grady to his first birthday party for a friend of his!  These boys were born the same day and live in the same hood!

We went out that night with a guy that Kevin worked with at the bank and his girl!  We had dinner at burtons then walked to dot dot dot for a drink!

Sunday I took Molly Anne with me to a going away party for friends of ours who are moving. We will miss them so much!  

Grady stayed home and napped. 

We played last night then went out to dinner!

It was an easy and fun weekend!  Today I’m cruising to Dallas and my friend Sarah was going to the airport too so we rode together!  She’s fancy and I’m going to a construction site hahah!  

Chat soon friends!

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