Friday, May 3, 2019

Jury Duty and This Week

It's been a week.  I had jury duty this week so I spent every day in limbo and unsure of any plans I had every day.  I was there all day on Monday and thankfully didn't get selected for that jury.  We had to call again Tuesday night and found out then I had to be back Thursday so I spent the day there yesterday and finally got released for good about 3pm.  It was a nice experience and I met some new people that couldn't have been more pleasant to spend many boring hours with haha!  

For some reason I took a lot of pictures of Molly Anne in front of our garage door this week.  She has been extra sweet with only a little side of drama this morning over Kevin and I randomly wearing purple shirts and she not having one on!  Usually she brushes that stuff off and she doesn't too worked up over things but this got her for some reason.  She doesn't really have tantrums but whew she was just sad about not having a purple shirt on.  And then there is Grady who doesn't care about much at all.  Opposites!  

Anyway, she looked mighty cute in her Lilly skort and piggies!

Still very into Magnatiles!  Every day she is building something new!

This little pumpkin is as sweet as can be!  He sucks that thumb and loves his little puppy lovey! 

Mills refuses to do anything if either of the children are eating in the kitchen!  He is on standby for any drops of food.  You'd think we don't feed him!  Grady is down to one bottle (of whole milk) a day at night, otherwise it's a sippy cup of whole milk with every meal!  Whoop!  I went cold turkey last weekend and lost the formula all together.  I'm not nice!  It took Molly Anne a couple of days to adjust and same with Grady but kids are resilient and I don't think Grady is in danger of losing too much weight haha!  

A co-worker's wife sold us this dress and how cute is she?!

Picture day was Wednesday at school!  I'm so happy for sundress season and so is Molly Anne!

Tuesday this boy got his picture taken by Dubose Photography.  They texted me the next morning and asked if they could put him on their Instagram.  We were honored! :)  I can't wait to see the rest of them!

We had a huge snapping turtle in our yard on Wednesday too.  Mills wasn't impressed.  When I let him look at it, I didn't know it was a snapping turtle at that point.  Lots of group texts about this turtle between our next door neighbors and us and lots of laughs.  

I hosted Cinco de Bunco at our house on Wednesday night and made these margaritas.  

Here is a picture of the recipe, straight out of my recipe binder!  

A little boy in a hat.  OMGGGG.  This boy!  

Molly Anne LOVES her new shoes.  She's never been able to wear Natives but these work and she is OBSESSED!

Happy Friday!


  1. Omg little boys in hats just melt me! My guys love Magnatiles, too. So fun! And for sure need that margarita recipe! Have a great weekend!