Friday, May 17, 2019

Random Friday - Grady's Well Visit

It's been a mostly good week.  Honestly I needed normalcy more than ever this week because the last 6 weeks have been INSANE.  I've hosted parties at our house, we were gone for Easter, I had jury duty, teacher appreciation weeks, we went to Savannah for a Spring Soiree for Kevin's work, I've been busier than ever at work.  All of the things.  

This week was semi normal other than a funeral which was so sad but uplifting at the same time - a wonderful celebration of the life of an amazing lady.  I got Kevin's car serviced one day.  Grady has his well check and PT on Wednesday.  I went out with friends last night. 

This boy had his last bottle ever on Wednesday night.  He had drank so much milk with dinner that he spit up the milk from his bottle so that was my sign.  I needed any sign considering his extra week of a bottle past his first birthday was more for me than it was for him.  And I didn't want to rock the boat with him having been sick, Kevin and I out of town and shots on Wednesday.  But, I operate better when I can put it through my head that it's just time and it's done.  So that was Wednesday and I met my goal for having it gone a week after his birthday.  Considering last night he ate his own dinner and then all of Molly Anne's, I don't think he'll miss the calories! :)

How cute is Molly Anne in her pigtail braids?  Her outfit is Crewcuts.  

I LOVED Wisk detergent for getting stains out but they don't make it anymore.  No stain remover has compared since.  Of course my Mom had found the best one and she got tons of stuff out of my kid's clothes over Easter.  So when I came back to Charlotte, I grabbed some of her magic potion from Wal-Mart and wow it's a miracle.  And also, I use the good ole fashion sun too!  It's amazing what the sun gets out of clothes!

Wednesday was Grady's well check!  26 pounds 12 ounces full of love.  91st percentile.  30.5" 67th percentile and 47 cm head circumference.  We discussed his lack of moving and came up with a good plan on that.  I feel generally pretty good about where sit about it.  We are going to continue with PT and reevaluate at 15 months.  Physically he has the muscle tone and he can do it.  He just chooses not to.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmm! ;)  This week Ms. Becky found him sitting up in his crib after nap so that was a big hurdle!

They do the best crafts at Molly Anne's school.  Every day they do something new.  It's unreal what she comes home with. 

Wednesday after school I was feeling extra nice and took them to TCBY.  It was only right because it was the day of Grady's 1 year shots and I took Molly Anne for her first trip to TCBY on the day she had her 1 year shots.  Grady loved his first taste of yogurt!

And you know this one was in heaven!

Little sass in her step for a Thursday.  We did double french braids and she loved it!

Surprise visitors at swim class last night!  Molly Anne thought that was the best thing on earth!  It was sweet.  

I went out with moms from Molly Anne's class last night.  We had drinks and appetizers at Porter's House then went to the Italian restaurant for one more glass of wine.  It's always good to hang with them because we all have the same struggles with our kids or with work stuff in combo with having children.  Living the life.  Yes, I'm wearing that dress again!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  We have some fun plans we are excited about!

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