Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Coming to you live at 4am.  I’ve been up with Grady. He’s soooo sick y’all. Today makes day 3 of 103 fever.  Pediatrician said they want to see him. Is it bad I’m hoping it’s his first ear infection so he can get medicine?  Otherwise we’ve gotta wait this thing out longer.  I’m not going to post pictures of my sick boy (i don’t have any anyway) but look at this one from happier times this past weekend.  That top left tooth is coming in!!!  His first birthday is tomorrow so I hope he feels better SOON!

Mills got groomed yesterday and he’s a puppy again!  Taking him to get groomed is interesting now with two big ole car seats in my back seat.  I usually take him before Kevin goes to work so the kids stay home and I can remove Molly Anne’s easily.  I pick him up while they’re at school.  Yesterday I had Grady of course.  

Spring school pictures are cracking me up!  Last time we just bought the digital image of our favorite. Much cheaper that way and will have prints made from Mpix for the fam.  

Chat soon!

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