Thursday, January 9, 2014

What I've Learned about Insurance

You guys all know that Kevin is an insurance agent.  He owns his own company and it's associated with one of the national insurance providers that you all know.  

Over the past 3.5 years of him owning it, I have learned so much and I'm here to share!

1.  No matter how many years your family has been with so and so company, that company does not care.  They will drop you or raise your rates just like someone who they've only insured for 6 months.  Sometimes being with a company for a long time is a bad thing because discounts come out and your policy may not have them.  

2.  People are passionate about the insurance company they have.  It's a personal decision and one that most are very crazy about.  I mean people get cray talking about it.  It's funny!

3.  It isn't a normal week if Kevin doesn't get a threatening email that starts like this, "I'm going to leave if you don't lower my rates...." and has a lot of bad words following this.  I mean how do people operate like this?!  First, Kevin probably doesn't want you on his book if you are going to act like that and treat him this way.  And second have you called him to schedule a review of your policies?  Or are you just going to write him a threatening email?  People kill me.  

4.  When Kevin does try to reach out and schedule reviews with people, people push him off and say they don't have time.  The next month you hear how mad they are.  It's crazy.

5.  People don't think they need life insurance.  They don't think they're going to die.  This is the one insurance that will definitely be used one day.

6.  People complain about their auto rates going up just as they do about utility and tax rates but they don't call Duke Energy or their senator.  

7.  Some people in this world think their insurance is a precious thing and Kevin better be extremely grateful to have it.  Well yes, he is grateful for every single one of his clients.  And so am I.  But if you knew what Kevin gets paid off a renters probably wouldn't treat him like he's your servant!  


  1. Great post! Poor Kevin to put up with those crabby ones.

  2. I agree - That's horrible he has to deal with people like that. Does he do health insurance? He might just be my new friend!! xo,

  3. GREAT list!!! I work in a client-facing role as well and it's unbelievable the things that people (A) say to me (B) expect me to do for them (especially the ones who spend VERY little money). The nerve of some people!

  4. Aww this post makes me feel bad for Kevin! People can be awful!

  5. #5 - I don't understand people not having life insurance or seeing its importance! Luckily for me/us, my husband interned at an insurance agency in college and became licensed in a few states, so we understood the importance of life insurance early on. Now at only 24 years old, I've been paying on my life insurance for five years and it feels great to have that head start!

  6. I just found your blog but glad I did because my husband works in insurance too and these are all common complaints! Along with his coworkers but that's another story!

  7. This made me laugh! Every single thing was true when I was in the business too!

  8. This made me laugh! Every single thing was true when I was in the business too!