Monday, January 27, 2014

Mills Playdate and Dinner Out

We had a big weekend.  Friday night we went to Kabutos with Kevin's fam.  It was so good.  We love that place!

Saturday I got to walk with Elizabeth and her little boy.  It was frigid but so fun!

That afternoon, Mills had his brother Wylie come over.  They had the best time and so did we chatting with McGee and Jared.  They are the sweetest couple and it's crazy how many similarities we have.

Soooo cute.  Please don't look at our backyard.  We are working on coming up with a "master plan" for it.  It used to have a pool but the previous owner filled it in so now we're left with a concrete pad and a japanese maple tree.  

They played and played.  Mills is on the left and Wylie is on the right.  

McGee and I with our boys.  Well, I'm holding Wylie and she has Mills.  

Then we were off to dinner at Beef and Bottle with some of our agent friends.  They're also agents in Charlotte for the same company.  We told the waitress that it was Benjy's birthday.  Always chaos!

The ladiesssssss!  I look like I have a neck problem.  

Literally three of the top agents.  No lie.  All three of them are top 50 in the company...and there are more agencies in the Country than McDonalds.  

After dinner we went over to Villa Antonio for a couple cocktails with Benjy and Sarah.  

Sunday we were all tired.  Including our lil buddy.

Breakfast at Brigs Restaurant helped.  This was our first time here and we really liked it.  It's on 521 near the Earthfare in Ballantyne for you Charlotte girls.  We'll be back!

The rest of Sunday was spent recovering and doing chores.  Wasn't the Bachelor wedding the sweetest?  


  1. So cool that they're all top agents! That breakfast picture is making me hungry!

  2. I love your reviews of Charlotte restaurants and puppy playdates are the best. It's great when the pups are all tired out and you can relax a bit.

  3. Yum Yum Yum! That breakfast looks delicious. Now I am starving.

    Mills and his brother looks so much alike!!! So funny. I get kind of sad that I don't know about Jax's past life. For 2 years he was wandering around, who did he live with? Was he loved? Did he live with kids? Was he a total stray? I guess I will never know!

  4. I love that Mills had a playdate with his brother! How sweet!

  5. Love fake birthdays at restaurants...growing up my grandma would do those for us all the time, haha!