Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekend - Met Brooks and Panthers

What a weekend!

Friday after work I made a fruit salad for my trip to Raleigh the next day.  My bestest had her baby and Rachel suggested fruit salad, granola bars, mini muffins and other things to take to her instead of the usual dinner.  I hope she liked it all!

Next on my Friday after work agenda was meeting Kevin for a quick dinner at Red Bowl!  Sushi and he got pad's a good spot for us because he doesn't love sushi so he can get thai or chinese food.

I spent Saturday in Raleigh and just lovedddd holding Brooks for hours!  Isn't he such a perfect baby?!  I think so! 

Yes, ladies, she just had a baby 3 days prior!!!

A very proud grandmother!

He's so adorable!

I rushed back to Charlotte and Kevin's brother and SIL were at our house and we grilled burgers and watched football.  It was nice to not really do anything.

Sunday we did tons of errands that morning and came home just in time to shower and get over to our neighbor's for the Panthers game.  They had invited 4 other couples over so it was a nice group.  Their home is GORGEOUS and out of a magazine.  I snapped some pictures so you could see!  These pictures don't do it justice!

That wallpaper in the guest bath...omg!

Kevin and I went home after the game and he cranked up a fire and we let Mills run crazy in the backyard.  We made some smores and called it a night.  Perfect ending to a fun weekend!

What did you all do?!


  1. That house does look gorgeous. Bummer we lost but there's always next year :(

  2. Fun weekend! I'm loving your friends' back patio! Congrats to your friend on her baby!

  3. Your friends' have an amazing home, but your other friend's new baby is really the star of the post! What a great idea to bring fruit and breakfast foods. :)

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend. I am with you, that wallpaper is amazing!

  5. Baby Brooks is too precious! And omg, your neighbor's house is gorgeous! Have a wonderful week!

  6. Dying over that wallpaper!! I want to wallpaper out half bath downstairs but my husband refuses to let me. Something about mold?!

  7. That fruit salad looks so yummy- I'm sure she loved it. Such a thoughtful gift!