Monday, January 6, 2014

Low Key

We had a super low key weekend which was highly necessary after that NYE party.

Friday night we really didn't do anything.  I did surf CraigsList and found this gem.  And the owner of it brought it to us Saturday morning.  (this is their picture).  It's an addition to our living room.  When we see a piece of furniture, we'll get it but we aren't in a rush to buy it all at once.

Kevin had continuing education for his real estate license on Saturday afternoon so Mills and I chilled then I drove a couple around that is thinking about moving to Charlotte.  I showed them all the cool areas of town. It was fun!

Saturday night Kevin's parents, brother, SIL and niece came over for dinner.  We had leftover bbq and I made new sides.  We had a good time.  

Sunday, Mills did a lot of squirrel hunting in our backyard.  We find it hilarious to occasionally let him out to run after them.  He can never catch them of course.  But we'll quietly open our porch door and he sprints like crazy and the squirrels go up the tree.  He tries to jump up them.  It's so funny!

Kevin and I went to Sunday brunch at Rippingtons.  Crab Benedict and stuffed french toast were both amazing.  Highly recommend!

This is pretty much all we did yesterday afternoon.  It was really nice.  We watched football, did some iTunes with stocking stuffer gift cards and chatted about the year ahead.

What did you all do this weekend?


  1. LOVE the chair and love a low-key weekend!

  2. Looks like a fab weekend. Ours was much the same.
    We did NOTHING yesterday except make chili and put up a baby gate~

  3. Mine was as low key as possible... I love being a hermit, especially during the winter months :)

  4. Looks like a lovely weekend, I relaxed as well!

  5. Love that chair! And yummm--Crab Benedict is one of my favorite brunch foods!

  6. What a great new chair and so nice that they delivered it to you!

  7. Sunday brunch looks amazing! Love your new addition to the living room. My weekend was spent entertaining my FIL and then celebrating a friend's birthday.

  8. I love that chair! Low key weekends are the best!

  9. What a great find on the classic and versatile!