Thursday, September 1, 2011

Murfee Scarves

Ahhh feeling good this morning.  Met two of my girlfriends at 6:15 for an early morning run.  One of them has run a full and a half marathon in the past year, the other one has quick legs and can out run anyone.  Yeah, I was intimidated but I did it....basically I fell for peer pressure!  But I'm glad I went out there with them.

I don't know that there are better transition pieces into Fall than the Lilly Murfee Scarves.  Seriously I love all of mine and they dress up a normally plain outfit.  They really give it some spunk as Mama says!

Aren't these new patterns fun?
 This one is for my Kappa Delta ladies!
Tonight the Carolina Panthers (Charlotte's NFL team) have a home game so we always like being out and about downtown when that's going on.  Something about a lil cool in the air and football season is so great to me.  Well - it was cool this morning, it'll be 90 later I'm sure!  :)  Either way, cheers to the Panthers and let's hope for a win tonight!


  1. WAy to go running this morning! I always feel better after a good run. I think scarves are the perfect transitional pieces for fall my favorite is the top one.

  2. I'm loving Murfee scarves as well - they're all so fun and a great way to carry a love for Lilly into fall and winter. I'm loving that Lilly has a KKG print!

  3. I suddenly realized today while cleaning up before dinner I had waaaay too many murfees--I had four in the dining room alone! I wear them nonstop in my freezing office at work. I think the murfees are one of the best investments as I wear all of mine a ton and they really make the outfit. ;)

  4. Adelaide ordered 2 new scarves for us this week at the Lilly sale and we love them!!! I now own 3 Murfee scarves and love them all. They are so fun and really dress up an outfit. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. I absolutely love the Murfee and definitely cannot wait to pair it with all of my outfits!


  6. I love my murfees! they add a special touch to every outfit!