Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cabo Day 3 - Paddle Boarding and Laying Low

I really hope yall aren't sick of these recaps yet but I promise I only have Day 3 and Day 4 left!  :)  So here goes 3!

On Monday we really layed low and tried to recover from a wild Sunday night!  In the morning we layed by the beach and chilled out.  One thing I really had wanted to do in Cabo was go paddleboarding.  Have yall ever done it?

Well I tried.  And you are seeing in this picture about 2 seconds where I stood on the board (and the guy was helping me get started haha!)

And then I crashed!

But I went out there on my knees and I tried to stand up then.  Keep in mind there were jet skiers and water taxis everywhere! 

Umm yeah that didn't work either.  Wasn't Kevin so sweet to capture all of these crashes?!!!!  Ahh!

But I made it back in and had a good time trying and being out there.  Next time I will do it in a bay area or a very calm lake, early in the morning when it is glassy.  It was way too rough and I was so nervous with all of the inexperienced boaters out there that they'd run over me!

We got cleaned up and went to Mexican Night at our hotel. 

Check out their grill area and all their fresh fish.  We had the best sea bass everrrrrr.

After dinner we layed on the beach chairs and watched the sun go down.  And evidently we saw some shady business going on here.  Uck!  These people harassing us to buy stuff was what I didn't like about Cabo.  I guess they're just trying to make a living but geez I'd rather give you $5 for your family then have you drive me nuts!

Tan Kevin laying on the beach.  The sky was beautiful this night too!

So relaxing!
And next time I'll tell yall about our mini excursion out to Lover's Beach which is where the arch is and what you always see on Cabo post cards!


  1. I have tried paddle boarding. My boyfriends aunt took it up as a hobby and I tried it out at the lake this summer...It really is so much harder than it seems! I can't imagine doing it in the ocean. :)

  2. I've never tried paddle boarding-looks like fun! Love your dress too.

  3. I've ALWAYS wanted to try paddleboarding! I heard its so fun and a great ab workout!

  4. I've heard paddleboating is really difficult. Kevin was so sweet to get all of those pictures of you--what a fun experience. ;)