Friday, September 9, 2011

Cabo Day 2

Whew so I was able to get to work on time yesterday and about mid morning some folks asked me to drive up to Boone, NC with them.  Shoot me!  I was planning to stay until about noon then go home and sleep....yeah that didn't happen.  I think I got back from traveling around 6:15.  Oh well, it was fine and we got a lot done so can't complain!  Sweet Kevin had made us what he calls "gourmet grilled cheeses!"  That was fine with me so I didn't have to cook after only an 1.5 hour nap the night before!

Anyway so Day 2 in Cabo....and PS - I'm going to try to be quick about my recaps because I don't want to bore yall with everything but as yall know I write this blog for it to be a diary so please bare with me!

The beach was so serene early in the morning.  That's our security guard keeping an eye out!

Lots of activities going on each day!  I participated in one that you'll see in the next couple of days!

This was from the Champagne Brunch that they have on Sundays.  Talk about amazing.  We ate so much seafood and not all of our plates! ;)
Then Kevin and I decided to talk into downtown Cabo.  It was about a 15 minute walk from our resort.

The Giggling Marlin is evidently a pretty cool place, unfortunately it was closed since we were there too early.

This is the inside of Cabo Wabo.  They were open but we just walked around and took pictures.  Pretty touristy!

We were walking along the marina and met the nicest folks from Fort Worth, Texas.  They took our picture!

They have a penthouse there in Cabo at one of the resorts and told us a fabulous place for margaritas that was a locals hang out.

And here we are there.  Yall we got 2 margaritas (the best one I've ever had in my life, by far - they squeeze fresh juice in them!) and chips/salsa and our bill was $9.  We gave him $15 and called it a was that fantastic!  But the craziest thing happened.....our friends that had told us about the place walked in there for dinner so we ended up hanging out with them all night!

The Mother, Daughter and lil girl went back home and Keith and Brandon stayed out with us.  Yall we went to Mango Deck and had a big time!  It was out of control!  We loved this family and had so much fun with them.  We saw them again the next day out on the beach.  Maybe our trips will align another time because they were gems!

Kevin and I made it back to our resort (after stopping for dinner) and went out to the sunset/sushi bar, a big group of ladies were taking tequila shots.  We watched and took their picture for them!  :)
And it had been a BIG day so we called it a night around 11:30 which was actually 1:30 east coast time. 


  1. Those margaritas looks delish...looks like you had a blast! I have the same pink & green LP shorts! TGIF

  2. Cabo looks beautiful.. and so does that margarita... $15 oh my!!

  3. I have always wanted to go to Cabo! My friend got married there a couple of years ago but it was short notice and we weren't able to go!
    Love your dress!

  4. I love making new friends on vacation and the local spots are definitely always the best!! I'm craving a marg!

  5. It looks like fun so far! I can't wait to see the other days. Mexico has by far the best margaritas ever!

  6. those margaritas look amazing! and so much fun to make vacation friends!

    now i want to go to cabo!

  7. Those margaritas and your brunch look amazing! What a fun fun trip--can't wait to see more.

  8. So fun! I just love mexico and how cheap it is!