Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trader Joe's Cookbook

Do any of you feel like you go in spells of the types of things you cook?

Sometimes I'm on a chicken kick, sometimes a mexican kick, now I'm on an anything Trader Joe's kick.

Since Kevin gave me the above cookbook for Christmas I've already tried 3 or 4 new recipes from it and they've all turned out really good!

They all took 20 minutes or less, healthy and great for leftovers.  Can't beat that!

I definitely recommend the book but I will be sharing some of those recipes over the next month or so!


Preppy Twin said...

I would love to learn how to cook! I'm definitely going to check out this Trader Joe's Cookbook. Have a wonderful day!

DIMH said...

Yay!A friend of mine has one of these and I photocopied about ten recipes out of it, and all of them have been good. I am making a chicken pot pie tonight from it! mmmm.

Lexilooo said...

I saw that cookbook at Borders last week and I totally am putting it on my birthday list!!!

DSS said...

PAT THE BRAKES!! I do LOVE Trader Joe's. However, we don't have one here. BUT...there is one in Big City, VA, and go there often enough. Do you have to have item from Trader Joe's to make the recipes? it just supposed to be like the foods they have? I want, I want!

Miss Southern Prep said...

My aunt loves Trader Joe's, so she got this cookbook for Christmas, and she said that she loves it!