Monday, January 10, 2011

Ladies Night times Two

Sorry for my delayed posting today!  We got a few inches of snow and of course Charlotte is shut down!

I wasn't going to chance it going into work so I've been working from home and hanging out with Kevin (he has a 45 minute drive south and evidently it was even worse down there).

On Friday night I had a girls night!  We were supposed to go ice skating but it was raining so we went to Mortimer's for happy hour instead.  Then we walked over to Enso for a late sushi dinner.  Kim's hubby, Hunt also came!
Some of us stayed out later and also went to Town Tavern for $1 drafts!

On Saturday, Kevin and I tried a new place in the Elizabeth area called Kennedy's for lunch.  It was really good and something different.  Then we drove around and looked at houses forever!  Not to buy right now, just looking at different neighborhoods!

Saturday night was Jen's bachelorette party!  These are all girls I live at Avenue with.  Jen's wedding is next weekend and we're really happy for her!  We started at Basil for dinner!
Then we went to Brixx where we won 2nd place at trivia and got $50 off our tab!  Woohoo!  Dandelion was next for a little dancing!

Kevin and the guys were out on the bachelor party at the same time so we ended up meeting with some of them at Mollys. 

Yesterday we recovered from a busy weekend of late nights! 

Today, I've made a couple soups and we'll have chili later on for dinner.  Just seems right for a snow day!  ;)

Bachelor is on tonight...can't wait (although I do wish I hadn't read Reality Steve!!)!  Will definitely be switching at commercials over to the football game too!


mFw said...

Looks like a fun weekend!!!

Dee Stephens said...

I lived in Elizabeth before I got engaged. We still own that place.. Miss that hood :(

April of Smidge Of This said...

Ummmmm, hello my long lost twin? You are not going to believe this:

-Saturday night I was with a big group and we all had drinks at Mortimers
-Then we went to Enso for sushi
-After a brief stint @ Mez we went to Kennedy's
-...and earlier that day Ian and I were househunting!

That's right - we're moving back to Charlotte - blog announcement soon! And can you believe that you and I led basically the exact same life this weekend but a few mere hours apart?!?!

amy (metz) walker said...

We LOVE to get frozen yogurt and just drive around and look at houses for ideas.