Monday, January 3, 2011

Kevin's and my Christmas

Yall - I'm just so, so, so lucky!  Kevin and I just feel so fortunate to have our families, friends, work, everything...

Anyway, we had a nice time celebrating Christmas when I FINALLY got back to Charlotte last Tuesday night.  We stopped at Mac's (a BBQ place) for a quick dinner to watch the NC State bowl game (we won). 

My parents gave Kevin both Wall Street DVD's and the below Vineyard Vines crab tie.  Yes, he will be a hottie at our first wedding of 2011 in a couple of months (if I do say so myself!)!  ;) 

He has been wanting a light rain coat for a long time and I found one at Dick's Sporting Goods and knew he had to have it! 

Cowboy boots were the other highlight that I got him.  He's worn them non-stop since last week!  :)

But yall - he went crazy on me!  Ahhh!!  First of all, I LOVE how he wraps gifts. 

Step 1 - Go to my house
Step 2 - Dig out my wrapping paper and ribbon
Step 3 - Wrap paper around the box
Step 4 - Tape it wherever it looks to need tape (mostly on the corners where the entire piece comes together)
Step 5 - Tape a bow on the corner

Hilarious!  But I love the fact that he tries, ya know?!!!

He spoiled me WAY too much.  Like way too much.  He kept bugging me for a list of things so I sent it to him earlier in December.  He went all over town getting me EVERYTHING on the list....

Popcorn and puzzles - our new favorite thing these days (okay these weren't on the list).  Trader Joe's Cookbook.  Itunes card.  Essie nail polish in the little containers at J. Crew.  Aveda paddle brush.  Gold ball earrings. 

And the surprises - Spa day - massage, facial, manicure.  And the GORGEOUS rust color pearl necklace. 

But the BEST part???  The sweetest card he has ever given me.  Tears strolled down my face as I finished reading it.  The niceest card.....ahhhh.

The next night we went to a bit of a nicer dinner to finish our date day we had on Wednesday. 

Of course we went to Basil and then had a drink at Dandelion. 

So, so, so lucky!

Tomorrow, I'm off to Smithfield, Virginia (by way of Laguardia and Norfolk airports!). 

Happy Monday!  Feels good to be back in the swing of things, doesn't it?


preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

Looks like you two had a great time! Cute photos!!

mFw said...

So cute!!! We wrap sort of like that too! Happy New Year!

Dee Stephens said...

You racked up! Love the tie but my hubby would never wear :(

Ally said...

Oh my word, how adorable!! Kevin did good this Christmas!!! I so glad y'all had a great christmas!! :)