Friday, January 7, 2011

Social Media at Work

Just wanted to say hello and thank you to my new followers!  Welcome!  :)  So glad yall are here!

So yesterday I came into work and logged on to my computer.  I work for a relatively small company that has never been very corporate.  They could basically careless what we do, so long as our work is getting done and done well.  Pretty cool, right?!

When I'm on hold on a phone or conference call I typically read Facebook or blogs.

When I'm "at lunch" I typically read Facebook or blogs.

When I need to "rest" my mind for 2 minutes, I typically read Facebook or blogs.

Pretty normal, I think!

Well not any more my friends.  My work blocked Facebook.  So crazy!  Of course, lots of folks are talking about it and evidently a bunch of sports sites were also blocked so the guys are upset.  Some folks have said something so we'll see if it goes back to normal.  I mean, hello, we are adults! 

Does your work block anything?  What do you think about it?


Dee Stephens said...

The bank has blocked ALL webmail. That means you can't check yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.
Also, they recently blocked YouTube and the reason being is because of the bandwidth it takes up.
Hubs old worked blocked FB, blogs, shutterfly, etc.
Can you imagine?

Juliana said...

No facebook:( Sad. You know when I was working we couldn't even get online at all but now that I work from home I couldn't imagine not getting onto to facebook because I am addicted!

DSS said...

So far, so good here! (fingers crossed)

April of Smidge Of This said...

I'm pretty sure FB is blocked with my company but I also know all web activity is tracked and logged - so I'll view the occasional blog for a "brain rest" or with morning coffee, but other than that I feel guilty!

Suz said...

join the club friend. FB's always been blocked at work (I look on my phone), but its just been in the last 3 months that all webpages ending in are now blocked. Now that, was a bummer.