Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend and NC State Game

On Friday, I got to meet up with Lauren from Adventures of a Southern Newlywed.  We met at the mall, of course, and had lunch then visited the Lilly department.  She is just so darling and sweet...what a treat it was to meet her!  I also follow her Mom and sister so it was fun chatting about how great they are as well! 

Definitely a small world, we have a mutual friend and we even work right across the street from one another.  Once things calm down, we're going to get a girls night together or maybe go out with the boys.  So great meeting you Lauren!!!  To everyone - if you get the chance to meet a blog friend in person - please take the opportunity and do it!  :)

Saturday morning, Kevin and I left Charlotte bright and early and headed to Clemson for the NC State game.

We had to sit in quite a bit of traffic but once we got there, it was worth the wait!  First we met up with one of Kevin's buddies from Allstate and at halftime I got to see Fran!

Kevin with Fran and I.  :)

Kevin and I...

And also met up with Tara.  Both she and Fran went to Clemson, poor things!  Red is a much prettier color ladies, duhhh!

Kevin and I in our seats.  They were great - at the 30 yard line in the lower level.  One of my guys from work had a hunting buddy that couldn't go so he offered them to an NC State fan - how nice of him right?!

After the game, we walked over to the Ridge where Tara and her Clemson ladies tailgate.  All these girls live in Charlotte so we hang out occasionally.  L to R - Emily, me, Tara, Kelly and Kristen.  So sweet of yall to host us!

It was Kristen's birthday so Tara made her a pinata (filled with mini bottles)!  It was too funny watching her get after it!

Then we hiked it back across campus to where we parked and Kevin drove back to Charlotte.  ;)

We decided to stop in Greenville for dinner at Smoke on the Water.  If you get the chance, stop there for dinner - AH-mazing.  Neither of us finished our dinner so we had lots of leftovers for Sunday afternoon!
All was well in the world yesterday until Kevin decided we needed a salad with dinner that HAD to include cucumbers.  We wanted to try out my new Pampered Chef mandoline.  Wellllll, we ended up at the ER and he is missing the tip top of his right index finger. 

Doc said it should heel back but let's just say it wasn't very fun.  Kevin has a very high pain tolerance and I thought he was going to go through the roof of my car as I ran redlights to get to the hospital!  Eeks!  So this should be an eventful week of me typing his work emails for him at nights and changing bandages etc..  I've told him before to leave the cooking to maybe he will ;).  Bless his heart for being sweet and trying to help though!!!


  1. It was so great to meet you! I had so much fun and loved that there wasn't a moments silence! Haha! I'm looking forward to getting together again soon!

    I'm sorry Kevin hurt his finger! That sounds very, very painful!

    I hope that you have a great week!

  2. I love meeting blog friends. Your pictures are awesome

  3. Lauren loved meeting you too! What fun you gals had! I know you all had fun seeing the new Lilly stuff. And thanks for the sweet comments about me and Adelaide.
    Sounds like you had fun at the game, but I am so sorry about the accident. Ouch!!! Hope he feels better real soon. Have a wonderful week. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. oh no, hope his finger is healing and he's feeling better!

  5. Okay, can I just say that you and Kevin are adorable together?!