Monday, November 15, 2010

Emily and Anna Kate!

We LOVED having Anna Kate and Emily here with us this weekend.  They came in on Friday afternoon and stopped by my office.  She saw the picture of she and Kevin on my picture board and sat at my desk and admired him.  She loves him so much and couldn't wait to see him later!

She answered my phone and typed up some emails!  :)
That evening when Kevin got home from work, we went to Molly MacPherson's for dinner.  Here are Kevin and Anna Kate coloring...

We had a party to go to at one of our friend's places in Avenue on the 21st floor.  Anna Kate LOVED seeing the city and all the lights and "towas!" 

Anna Kate with the tallest building in North and South Carolina! 

The four of us!  We missed you Clay (my brother had to "work!")

When we got back down to my place, we had some silly time!

Saturday we got up and went to Kevin's parent's home down in Waxhaw for his family reunion.  Emily watching one of her friend's babies while Anna Kate came with us.  We had a blast hanging out with her and of course showing her off to Kevin's fam.  Everyone just kept talking about how gorgeous and beautiful she was.  All I could think was, "I know!"  ...but of course this proud Aunt didn't say that out loud!

Playing with Kevin!

We took her over to the elementary school and let her play on the playground!  This thing was her favorite because Kevin shown her how to do it and she giggled soooo hard!

We pushed her on the tire a lil bit too!

When she came back, she was hot so she changed clothes and immediately went and played in the leaves.

Then she met a friend named of Kevin's distant cousins who is 5.
When she came back inside for some quiet time, Kevin's mama brought something out very special for her to see that was "a secret" that only Anna Kate could see!  Kevin's baby photos!  Anna Kate kept saying, "I want to see that one again..."  SO adorable.  Of course I was melting!

We got to visit with Aunt Kate is who is also very special.  She is Kevin's great Aunt and one of the most special people.  You all probably remember me talking about her back in July.  What a gem.  This photo is a keeper.  Kevin's Mom, Aunt Kate, Anna Kate and I. 

Cowgirl Dora was very entertaining!

Originally we were going to go to some gym with an inflatable jump thing but Miss Anna Kate was sooo tired!  She fell asleep before we got out of Waxhaw!

Popcorn was definitely in order after her four scoops of raspberry sherbert!  Anything goes at her Aunt's house!!!  We read Hello Mr. Wuf together which was really fun!

Then she hopped in my bed and was so giggly!  Adorable.  We read a couple more Dr. Seuss books and she was fast asleep!

Emily, Kevin and I stayed up WAY too late chatting.  It was fun to catch up with her and chit chat!

Definitely learned what it was like to have a child for a day.  Whew - they can wear you out but it is so worth it.  We had such a good time playing and running was awesome!!! 

Miss you all already!!!

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  1. Those pictures of Anna Kate with Kevin are just precious!!!!!!! Seems like you guys had a great little visit!