Monday, November 22, 2010

Suz, Kimmy & Jeff

Hello to all of my new followers!  So glad yall are here!  :)

On Friday night, we went to dinner with Kevin's parents at Pacos Tacos for a belated birthday celebration.  They gave me some philosophy shower gel (margarita, mimoso and dacquiri) and a cute NC State platter.  Very sweet of them!  Kev's brother and SIL gave me a gorgeous winter white scarf that will go with anything.  Thank you all!

Saturday I got up and ran (too far because I'm so sore now) and then we had a Thanksgiving feast with our Avenue friends that afternoon.  My friend Suz came in from Raleigh for the weekend to visit her grandparents so she came over that evening.  Kimmy and Jeff also came to hang out.  The three of us were sorority sisters so it was a mini reunion. 

Here are some of us heading to Strike City to watch some football and the guys were interested in some silly fight night thing on TV.  Why do guys like that stuff?!

L to R - Me, Suz, Jen, Melissa, Kimmy, Jeff, Kevin

We talked to all of the Baltimore Ravens fans who were in town to make sure they were having a good time in Charlotte.  These ladies were so sweet and they wanted to jump in the picture with us!

Kevin and Jeff at Strike City...
 Us ladies at Strike. 

Kevin and I with Phillip and his girl Noel.  Phillip and Kevin worked together at the Bank years ago and they hadn't seen each other in awhile.  It was fun meeting them!

Kevin and Jeff breaking it down in the middle of the sidewalk!
We always have a big time with our friends and feel so lucky to have them in our lives!  Yesterday we went out and met up with some Avenue friends at the bottom of our building for lunch and to watch the Panthers game. 

Thank goodness it's a short week!

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  1. Too fun!! Glad you had a great weekend!!! Btw, I bought a new philosophy product this weekend and totally thought of you!! :)