Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Jeans

Yall know I'm not the most fashionable girl in the land.  I typically go towards standard, classic clothes.

Mom is the pro when it comes to suggesting that I try something different.

This time she chose Matchstick black jeans.  And Rebecca at J. Crew agreed....she has the best sense of style and claimed she had a pair and wears them with a black 'forever cardigan.' 

Please tell me what yall think!  And be honest!  What would you wear them with?


  1. I would pair them with a camel colored sweater to lighten up the look. Let us know how it goes!!!!! xx

  2. they are cute... i would wear them with fun colored cardigans or sweaters.

    but i'm with you, i'm real slow to jump on the more fashiony trends!

  3. You can wear them with anything! Black is a neutral AND, unlike white jeans, slimming!

    I would wear them tucked in black boots with a tunic-fitting top or with a crisp oxford and ballerina flats! OR A bright colored top and heels--oooo la la! The possibilities are endless!

  4. I LOVE BLACK JEANS!!!!!!! I have two pairs of skinny black jeans. You can wear them with anything! Seriously!