Thursday, September 16, 2010


The past two days have been insane! 

I flew up to Baltimore on Tuesday morning at 7:55.  That began about 20 hours of driving in two days and a ton of meetings.  Just for my record, this is what I did with three other co-workers:

1.  Looked at site in Buck, PA
2.  Met with seller and engineers in New Holland, PA
3.  Looked at site in Dillsburg, PA
4.  Looked at site in Upper Marlboro, MD
5.  Spent the night in Chesapeake, VA
6.  Looked at site in Chesapeake, VA and met with seller
7.  Went to Chesapeake's attorney's office to present offer
8.  Met with seller and engineers in Smithfield, VA
9.  Met Williamsburg, VA seller for lunch
10.  Met with the County in Williamsburg, VA
11.  Looked at sites in Emporia, VA
12.  Drove back to Charlotte, NC

Happy that we got so much done but glad to be home!!!!!!!

And today is game day - Go NC State!


  1. Now THAT is a crazy schedule! I know you were so glad to walk back in the door and be home. Take a seat, prop your feet up, and relax!

  2. Busy Busy! Sounds like you need to spend some quality time with your DVR and a cocktail : )

  3. Busy! I found your blog through starfish and sundresses and realized that you are in Charlotte too- always fun to discover another CLT blogger!! I'm in love with Sleepy Poet too, isn't it the best?!