Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall clothes

Just starting to get in the mode of fall clothes.  It makes me so sad to put away all my bright summer clothes but come October 1, I have to do it!  These are some essentials that come to mind for the next few months...

In March, I asked for help on jeans and thanks to Tales From My Empty Nest, I'm now obsessed with these Matchstick jeans from J. Crew.  Must have.
Love this dress for a work meeting.  I'd wear a cardigan to cover my shoulders!
I seriously live in the J. Crew Jackie Cardigan sets.  I love them for traveling because they are comfortable, look professional and you don't have to dry clean them when you get off that icky plane!
Pencil skirts - and not with those shoes/socks.  Pair it with a crisp white button down and some heels for work.
What are your essentials and basics?

PS - I don't know what is going on with the spacing from when I create the post to when it publishes.  It drives me nuts!  Still working on it!


  1. I'm dreading it too :( Although I'm actually looking forward to fall for some strange reason...I don't want to pack up my pretty summer clothes. Booo...

    P.S. I'm having spacing issues too. What gives?

  2. I am also having spacing issues! It must be blogger. Ugh.

    I keep seeing all these cute wrap dresses everywhere, so I am wanting a few of those! Also saw a cute dress at LLBean, so I am hoping to get that sometime!

  3. I love the matchstick jeans! They're a great fit. I'm wishing it was closer to time for me to pack away summer things, but it's going to be super hot here for a for the next couple months. A girl can dream though!