Monday, January 11, 2010

Pawleys Visit

Saturday morning, Kevin and I headed down to Pawleys Island to visit Clay, Emily and Anna Kate. We had so much fun! Clay had to be at a boat show most of the day Saturday but we got to hang out that night. Kevin building a fort for Anna Kate:
Riding to dinner!
Kevin helped Anna Kate learn how to do the monkey bars while Emily and I shopped!

Driving Aunt Beth's car
Getting some of Aunt Beth's lotion to use on Coco and Crissie.
There was silence in the other room and we went in to see what she was into. Make up!!!
Clay and Kevin built us a fire! Some of their friends came over too...
Fin loves Salt and Vinegar chips just like his Dad and sister!
How cute are they?!
Thank yall again for having us. See you soon!

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