Monday, January 25, 2010

Josh and Wendy's Baby Shower!

A couple folks in our building hosted an Avenue baby shower for Josh and Wendy at Chris' place on the 21st floor. It was an all-Avenue affair and it was a blast! She is due on April 20th! We can't wait for their precious little girl to arrive!
A couple of the guys picked out some songs and played for us!
Opening gifts!
One of our friends made these little cupcakes - they were delish. Also, Chris the host had been cooking all week and had an amazing spread of dunch (lunch and dinner, ha!)!
Chris has a big concrete column in his place and the girls that decorated wrapped it in this pink paper. We all signed it. It was a cute idea!
The shower continued with a little after party at my house. Ended up being about 20 people over - ha! It was random but so fun! This is me, Josh, Kevin, Wendy, Heather!Here are Bish and Josh singing into my candlesticks! This must be after about 6 people chugged beer in a contest on my balcony (Mom, you didn't read that!).
A group picture after some people had already left.
Good times friends! Kevin and I went out afterwards downstairs to Dandelion and danced the night away. It probably wasn't smart to do that but we had fun!


  1. please tell Wendy she looks gorgeous! That's sweet that ya'll did that in the building for them.

  2. Wendy is preggers?!?! Tell her I said congratulations. She looks so cute :)