Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wednesday before Thanksgiving

My parents came down from Maryland for Thanksgiving this year. It was such a treat. We had a great time. When they got in, we headed over to the Arena for the Bobcats game. It was the official parents meeting parents. Kevin's parents and my parents met!!
They all liked each other but it was hard to talk with the game going on so we planned another event. The Godfrey's invited us to their Country Club for dinner Friday night. More on that to come.
After the game, my parents, Kevin and I headed back to my parent's hotel for a drink. They were lucky enough to stay at the Ritz Carlton thanks to my friend Kim. She works there and gets a family and friends rate. They LOVED the just opened in's gorgeous. THANK YOU KIM soooo much!!!!

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  1. that new hotel must be gorgeous! great picture of the two families :)