Friday, November 13, 2009

Girls Night and Leg Update

Last night, my friend Lauren got a lil girl's night together. It wasn't little though - there ended up being 10 of us at one point! What a blast. We met at a local bar called Brazwell's for a couple drinks and dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures....but next time I promise to do so! Lauren, Tara, Emily M., Emily F., Kim B., Kim M., Brittany, Erin, Koren, and I all were there. We need to do this every month ladies!!!

Figured I would do a lil update on the leg situation. I went back to the Wound Clinic this morning and it is getting better. This is day 24 since the incident which you can read about here. It looks good so thought I'd share a picture. I PROMISE to never put a picture up like this again if you all are completely grossed out. I was reluctant to even post it at all, but definitely wasn't going to when it first happened! Not sure if you can tell or not but it is right where my leg meets the top of my foot.
The guys at my office thought it would be funny to put this on my dry erase board.....haha!
Hope everyone has a great fall weekend!

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  1. It is looking better!! That's funny about the dry erase board. :-P