Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving in Charlotte

This year, my parents are venturing down from Maryland to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. I'm excited to have them, but wish Clay, Emily and Anna Kate could join too. We'll miss you guys!

Mom and I decided on a menu and last week I made all of my lists - Wal-Mart, Teeter and Trader Joe's. I think I have all the shopping done and tonight begins my cooking adventure. Since they are coming in tomorrow night, I want to have the pie crusts made and a couple of other things done. Here is my list for Thursday:

Breakfast - Mom's breakfast casserole

Dunch (4/5pm-ish) - turkey, mashed potatoes (The Pioneer Woman), green bean casserole, oyster casserole (family recipe), cranberry mold, gravy, stuffing and apple pie (The Pioneer Woman). Mother is bringing a pumpkin pie and sweet potato biscuits.

I think I may be cheating on the stuffing and gravy. I was going to make my friend Wendy's stuffing but it took a lot more ingredients than I had and I don't know that I have time to do it. I found a sausage, sage etc. stuffing at Trader Joe's that looks really good. And I may end up making the gravy because this is my Dad's favorite part and no Thanksgiving would be fun unless Dad was happy (and full)!

Let me know if you'd like any recipes. I'm going to try to remember to take pictures so I can post them if any of yall are interested! What are you making for Thanksgiving? Any traditions for your family?

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