Friday, November 20, 2009

Official Birthday Round Up

I got a new work computer and it has a camera, so you know what that means - Skype - with my niece, Anna Kate. Look how cute she is! I'm so looking forward to skyping with her often! It was a highlight of my birthday to get to talk to her on there!
Kevin originally said we were going to have hot dogs at home. I thought he was kidding but he was being so serious that I was beginning to believe him! Then when I was skyping, he said, you need to be ready in 30 minutes! Yikes! We headed out and ended up at Melting Pot. It is funny because Melting Pot has come up a lot recently and he has evidently had this planned way before that because I had never done fondue before! It was so fun - we had a great time!
Then when we got home, he said we should go get a drink at Stool Pigeons (Stoolies). Well this wasn't uncommon, we do this a lot, I thought to myself. We get down there and all of my neighbors and friends were there. He had emailed everyone and made sure they could all be there. How thoughtful is that?!!! It was such a surprise and made me so happy that everyone took time out of their busy week to help me celebrate! Thanks yall!!!
Here are my friends Meg and Kimmy. Yall remember Kimmy from the Charleston wedding a couple weeks ago. Crazy girl! It meant so much to me that yall came!
The infamous pose...
Kimmy and her husband Jeff....aren't they presch?!
Kevin was also very smart in telling me to take the day after my birthday off ;). When I finally got out of bed (1pm), Kevin gave me the gorgeous necklace (which I basically haven't taken except for showering and bed) and a Yurman travel jewelry pouch. He went WAY too crazy!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING ;) !!!!!!!
Wednesday afternoon, I went to the Southern Women's Christmas was fun to get in the holiday spirit!
Hope yall have the best weekend! Short week next week! Woohoo!

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