Friday, April 20, 2012

My Condo on the Market...

I've really tried to be super positive about this whole "having my condo on the market."  Really I have.  It's been over 6 months now and we've had a showing at least every other week, sometimes multiple times a week.  It was super overpriced at the beginning and we knew that.  We didn't really care because we don't have to move for another year. 

But it's sooooo hard to be living there and having it perfect at all times.  You know how you usually get notice that you'll have a showing?  Ummm not when you're in a condo building and buyers are seeing 10 units within the convenient for them.  Sometimes I get a two minute warning and I'm usually at my office or up north anyway.  Therefore, it must be perfect at all times.  I guess it's not a bad thing that lots of people just "stop in" - it increases traffic but ahhh! 

I can't throw things in my bathroom trash can, I must make my bed, I can't leave clothes laying out, I can't pack for trips ahead of time, I can't leave dishes in the drying rack, I have to leave my blinds (10' high floor to ceiling glass) open at all times, it has to be reasonably clean, I can't leave papers or any mail out, I have to put away all my makeup and hair junk every day, I can't leave laundry drying out, I can't cook bacon like ever unless I have matches and lots of candle lit!

I just want to live my normal life again!!!!  Not that I'm messy because I'm not, but I just want to leave something out every now and then haha!

And is it me or do guys just not get it?  I swear Kevin has no concept!  Haha!  No hard feelings to him but dang, he doesn't know what it's like to cook and have to have EVERYTHING cleaned up afterwards and the house smelling perfect. And the pillows fluffed after he sits on my couch for two minutes!

I want to move to a house and never move again.  I can't even imagine what this would be like if you have children!  Craziness!

But I'm going to be perfectly honest here....the real's really hard for me to have my condo on the market because this was my first place I bought.  With my own money.  I put the deposit down 6 months after I graduated college.  I moved in 2 years later after it was built.  It is where I lived when I really started my career.  It's where I lived when I met Kevin.  Avenue is just really special to he and I both.  I've personally grown so much here and it makes me super sad to get rid of it. 

I'm secretly sooo sad when I get a call from the Concierge saying I have a showing.

Yes, I'm super thankful that we are going to keep Kevin's unit (he has a better mortgage and his is smaller) just to have and still be able to come uptown.  He is so sweet, he even says I can decorate it like mine and we will eventually!  Mama, come help!  ;)   

Until then, I'm going to be sad when it shows but sooooo thankful that Kevin and I get to buy a house together and begin our life together in a home that means the world to both he and I.


  1. I can't imagine the stress/sadness of leaving your first real home! Very bittersweet...

  2. I know I will be devastated when I sell my place. Big and better things though!!

  3. Oh no, I cannot imagine how stressful that would be to have to keep a place perfect all the time. So sad to leave our first place, but you have so much to look forward to, friend! XO

  4. I LOVE your condo!! Hopefully it will sell soon! Even though I know it's hard- I am sure I will get attached to my 'first' home!!

  5. Wow that sounds like a lot of work, and that would get annoying.

  6. Hang in there, same thing with our house in Grosse Pointe which we ended up renting. Everything will work out! *Positive thoughts!!!!*

  7. I feel for you on both accounts. I would hate to constantly clean up or make the bed perfectly every single day. Sometimes life gets too busy and it just has to get a little messy. Secondly, oh man, sadness. I feel like when we move back east I will be so sad leaving this place as well. Its our first home together and the place we will have our little babe. Bittersweet for sure.

  8. My house smells like bacon all the time. I feel for you. And it is such an accomplishment that you bought it I'm sure it is hard to part with. Good luck and I hope it sells soon

  9. I know it is hard to be "perfect" all the time. My sister had a condo on the market with new construction as competition. Her new husband did not make the bed, left towels on the floor, and dishes in the sink on the day her condo went under contract. I would say pick the stuff that you most annoy you if you went to a viewing (the smell of bacon). And worry about that. If you leave a shirt out or forget to put a cup away the only thing I would think is that the condo is lived in. Just saying do not stress the small stuff. You have a lot on your plate with wedding and travel! Best wishes selling your home!

  10. I can imagine that it must be such a bittersweet feeling to give up something that has been such a big part of your life yet your moving on to a wonderful new life with your hubby! Best of luck getting through the selling and moving process...can't wait to see your and Kevin's home together!

  11. I felt the same way about leaving my Elizabeth condo.
    It wasn't my first home but I had it decorated just how I liked it and it was my dream to live in that neighborhood with the big trees and cute houses :-(
    As far as the showing.. ugh.. I can't imagine either.
    I sold my first home fairly quickly but I had Buddy.
    He had to stay in a crate during the day.
    I agree, not sure how people with kids do it!

  12. I can't even imagine how bittersweet selling your condo is! And I would get so irritated having to keep it clean all of the time, because I'm definitely not that neat! But I cannot wait to see the house you and Kevin buy together--I know it will be so cute!

  13. I actually had my place on the market earlier this year and it was just too stressful that I eventually decided not to move yet. I agree with you--I want to just move to a house (with SHS) and never move again. There are so many memories in your condo, I am sure it will be hard to leave when the time comes, but at least you'll have a house with your future husband to look forward to. :)

  14. Hi Annie! Have you already sold your condo unit? Because if you still haven’t – though it’s lovely and impossible not to get sold immediately – I have the perfect solution! Schedule a day or two of ocular inspection, so you won’t get rattled whenever prospective buyers come to see your unit. You can set it up on the weekends, if you prefer it.

    Lakisha Zimmerer

  15. I was grouchy about always keeping everything neat in my condo when I was selling it as well. It’s something we all have to endure if we want this whole thing to be over. How’s the sale doing? On second thought, it’s not usual for a condo to be in the market for more than a year. I hope you did get lucky with a buy! :] -->Calvin Mordarski

  16. Oh, this condo has really means a lot to you. I know it’s really hard to let go of something with sentimental value but then, you really have to get going in life. There’s nothing to be sad about since you and Kevin will be living together or have you been already? :) Cheer up, Annie!

    Philip Paulson