Tuesday, April 17, 2012

MelRose Engagement Party and Rest of Weekend

One of the best parts about living uptown Charlotte is the ease of just walking right out your door to a National event.  In this case, the professional bike criterium.  Usually it is in August but our friend Jenn alerted us that it was in fact moved to April this year.  So naturally we all had to go "tailgate" and watch it!  Starting with the women's race...

then the men's race...  These folks are so quick, it's amazing.  literally they fly by you and when we saw them, they were going up hill.  Nice!

Then we walked back upstairs to change and go to Melissa and Stephen's engagement party at NC Music Factory.  The place was called The Small Bar.  Guess what, it was small!

Darlene, me, Melissa, Charles, Wendy, Heather and Jen.  Thanks for this pic Dar :)

The happy couple!  They are getting married in September.

Kevin, Chris and Josh

Kevin and I enjoying the festivities.

And this is a picture of the entire group.  WHOA!  Lots of us right?!  Crazy but so fun! 

On Sunday, Kevin and I went to Zada Janes in Plaza Midwood for brunch (highly recommend) and then looked at some houses we can't afford (that's always fun right?!). 

I went to the pool that afternoon while Kevin worked then I prepped dinner.  We grilled out with Jenn, David and Michael as we usually do with our neighbors in the Spring and Summer.  It was great to finally bring back the tradition!  And we might have been bad and went to Coldstone too, but it was sooooo good and the perfect treat!

Yall having a good week so far?!


  1. I love your dress and I agree that brunch at Zada Janes is really good! My fiance loves looking at houses around Charlotte that we can't afford. Glad to hear other people window shop for houses too. ;)

  2. ANNIE!! I absolutely love, love, love your dress--you are rocking it and look so svelte!

  3. How fun! I would be so scared to ride in a big group of bikes like that! haha Looks like it was a great time though!

  4. That green dress looks wonderful on you! It looks like a fun time!:)

  5. What a cool picture of the group...and agian with a super cute dress! xx