Monday, April 2, 2012

Atlanta Trip and Gala

Wow.  What a weekend we had.

Kevin was being recognized in Atlanta for Allstate and what an honor it was.

We stayed at the St. Regis in the Buckhead area.  One word - impecable.
Yall know I'm crazy about hotels and luckily I've been fortunate to stay at some very nice ones. 
This one topped them all.  Everything was perfect and I mean perfect.
The Lobby
Friday afternoon we arrived and got settled in and checked out the hotel.  That night we had dinner reservations at Eclipse de Luna, thanks to my cousin's recommendation.  She always picks the best places and she did it again.  The food was tapas style which isn't usually Kevin's and my favorite but this was excellent and we'll go back for sure.

It was fun to have a date night somewhere else other than Charlotte.  It really made it feel like we were on a trip, not just in town for the weekend.  Yall know what I mean?

When we got back to the hotel, we explored some more.

I loved the flowers around this frame.

The next morning we had breakfast at J. Christophers which was also excellent.

On our way back in from breakfast we found this amazing room.  The decorations were simply gorgeous.

Some crazy vintage Dom Perignon bottles.

 You could go for tea in the afternoon.  Only $40.  :)

Saturday afternoon we went over to Lenox and walked around.  I had a make up appointment at Clinique.  She gave me some pointers and ideas for the wedding and I got full makeover for the gala that night.  Kevin took this picture without me knowing.  Sneaky!  He was the best sport at the mall and was so patient while I got this done and dragged him to every store in the place.

We headed back to the hotel to get ready for the big event.  Hellooooooooo Kevin.  (he will be so embarassed I put this picture up ha!)

We had cocktail hour on the patio.  Cocktail hour equaled amazing hor dourves plus top shelf open bar.

Then we were led into the grand ballroom.  This was the entrance area.

Check this room out.  It was unreal.  Probably 350 people.  I have a real appreciate for one what it takes to host an event like that, let alone the final bill.

They had some guys put on this crazy light show thing.  It was neat.

Yall know I had to take a picture of the bathroom!  Check out this marble...

The band totally rocked it all night.  Naturally I had to get their card even though I've already booked our band for the wedding ha!

The whole sha-bang was just unbelieveable.  Dinner was filet and lobster.  The bar was open all night. 

Then there was an after party at an outdoor space at the hotel.  That included some late night different types of popcorn and water for me! ;)

All in all, a ridiculously nice weekend.  Kevin and I headed back to Charlotte and got home close to 6pm.  I got lots of things done last night and I have a busy week of traveling.  I'll be in a different city each of the next 4 days.  Eeps!

Happy Monday!


  1. The hotel looks great, but more importantly you and Kevin look AMAZING!! I'm glad y'all got away for a little weekend fun!

  2. This looks so great! And you look gorgeous!

  3. We did NYE Eve at the Eclispe de Luna several years ago. Super trendy and fun!
    Of course, J. Christopher's is awesome too. makeup for the big bash! Looked amazing!! Kevin is racking up on his accomplishments for sure!!!! How many incentive trips has he WON??

  4. What a fun weekend and I love the black dress on you! So pretty!

  5. Congratulations to Kevin! You look so pretty. Looks like such a fun weekend. Isn't it crazy how $40 for tea is considered cheap?

  6. What a fun trip and amazing hotel! Y'all look great too!

  7. You all look so good! I've stayed at that hotel and loved it! I took a picture of that same frame with flowers and blogged about it!

  8. What a fun weekend! You guys look adorable! Love your dress.

  9. Looks amazing!

    I was in Atlanta in February for work, and never blogged about it...this just reminded me of that, haha!

  10. Looks like such a fun weekend. You both are so cute together! The frame with the flowers around it is so chic. xo

  11. Looks like such a fun weekend! Yall looked so cute! I love nice hotels too, that one looked SO nice!

  12. WOW! What a fabulous weekend! I like the flowers around the mirror inspiration? You and Kevin both look FABULOUS and I do love that bathroom!

  13. What a perfect trip! Kevin looks so handsome, and you look SO pretty in your formal wear. What a great guy to be so patient while you got your makeup done. Thanks for sharing! :)

  14. wow what an AMAZING weekend!! so glad y'all had such a fun and FANCY time! :) :)