Friday, March 2, 2012

Wednesday Night Out

Thanks for your sweet comments on the post yesterday.  I hope it serves us all a reminder that life is too short and to live each day to the fullest!

I can't believe I'm posting this nasty picture of me but anyway, we had a fun girl's night at E2 on Wednesday.  It's the new Emeril's that just opened here in Charlotte!  Afterwards we hopped around uptown and ended up at Carolina Ale House.  Always fun. 

Emily and Koren left so I went and met Kevin who was out with some of his old bank buddies at Connolly's. 

Then home too late.  Amazingly I somehow got up 4 hours later and ran 7 miles with Tara at 6am.  No clue where that energy came from especially with being gone most of this week. 

Tonight we are going to Kevin's parent's club with them for seafood night then staying over at their house to avoid the CIAA madness.  It's a basketball tournament that's in town that attracts some interesting folks.  Enough said.  (It kept me up all night last night grrr!)

Happy Friday friends!


  1. We will have to check out Emerils!

  2. wow I can't believe you still got up to go running! Wish I had that motivation!

  3. I can't believe you still had the energy to run--I'm impressed! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

  4. 7 miles at 6am...I couldn't do that with 12 hours sleep! xx