Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Dreams

Ohhhh my.  Last night I had some serious freak out wedding dreams.  And our wedding is more than a year away.  Why am I worrying already?!!!  Please tell me this happened to you all!

These were my dreams:

 - I had booked buses but then forgot to cancel them so I was stuck with a $5,000 bill I wasn't expecting.

 - I was running really late to my hair appointment and I didn't have time to take a shower.

 - My normal hair girl wasn't doing my hair and that made me very nervous. 

Seriously what is wrong with me?!!!  I have a feeling they will get worse as it gets closer haha!


  1. I didn't really have any to be honest. I still have crazy dreams about college though.
    Exams and that I havent been to class all semester.
    WTH? LOL!
    You'll be fine. Drink some lavender tea before going to sleep.

  2. You're right, they only get worse the closer you get to your wedding date. Even my friends and family would call me and tell me about the nightmare THEY had about my wedding. I'll never forget my friend's dream about how the bridesmaids dresses didn't arrive in time so each girl wore a Halloween costume instead. Yikes.

  3. Totally normal. I have strange dreams and I'm not even a bride to be

  4. Ahhhh...hopefully that's the end of the wedding dreams. I am not looking forward to any of those dreams! xx

  5. hahaha! whenever I'm overwhelmed I start having dreams where things go wrong! I'm sure everything will be just fun.

  6. I completely understand! For me, I actually had more dreams the further the wedding was away. As we've started to get closer (3 1/2 months away now), I've started having less wedding nightmares because all the things I was worrying about are starting to fall into place and be finalized. I'm sure you'll find it's the same for you! It's definitely stressful and overwhelming, but making decisions helps you sleep better at night!

  7. Ugh, been there. They seem so real at the time, too! I awoke several times in a panicked sweat. I agree with Dee, drink some relaxing, non-caffinated tea before bed!

  8. I've had some super weird ones! I just try to remind myself that they're silly and most of them would never really happen. And try to relax before bed and not do any wedding planning really late at night. You had plenty of time to prepare and you've accomplished so much already - your wedding will be perfect!