Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Things that make me happy!

Today, since it's the first day of Spring I'm focusing on happy  and fun things!  :)

Like...ordering our guest book.  It won't say Wedding Journal, instead it'll say Guests and be personalized in the bottom right with our names and wedding date.  It's by the company Post.  PS - any Charlotte ladies - I have always gone to Paper Twist, but they were SO helpful with this and with ribbon for programs.  I recommend!

Like....tulips around all the trees uptown.  I love that Charlotte does this.

Like.....my really cool cousins sending Kevin the cutest get well package full of tasty goodies!  So incredibly thoughtful.  :)

And like.....girl's night out at Nikko's last Thursday - Emily F., Emily M., Tara, Kim, Lauren, Koren and I.  Always much needed.

Happy Spring my friends!


  1. I looooooove the Charlotte does the tulips. It makes my heart so happy!

    Also, that sushi looks ridic. I love Nikko.

  2. I almost took a picture of the tulips yesterday but figured people on the street would think I'm a nut!
    HA! they do look super nice but can you imagine how much they must have spent??$$$

  3. Happy tulip season! Love the classic look of your guest book. :)

  4. oh my gosh how cute are those tulips around the tree! xo