Friday, December 16, 2011

Power Jumping

Yes this is completely random but we do random things sometimes when we travel.  Let's just say Wednesday was a lonnnng day full of travel and meetings.  In between two meetings my co-worker and I had about 45 minutes so we went to the local mall.  I can't tell you how many malls I've been to on the east coast since I started traveling.  Some amazing like Short Hills and King of Prussia, some terrible but I won't name those!

In we walk to the mall and we see these high school gals power jumping.  Yall know what I mean?  You get on this trampoline and these bungy lines and it takes you about 50' in the air.  I dared my co-worker to do it (mind you, we're both wearing our suits) and she was like okay.  Haha!  So she did. 

Then she made me!  Here I am getting strapped in.

Honestly it was a really weird sensation.  The high school girls were doing flips and all this other stuff.  No way!  It freaked me out....I don't like not having control.  Plus in college I used to calculate the stress on those bungy cords!  So I was very skeptical. 

Then the harness started hurting my legs and I decided it probably wasn't worth it to injure myself because I can't afford for my running to be over.  So I stopped.  Haha, what a wimp I am! 

Anyway, it was pretty fun and I'm glad I at least tried it.  I do have video but I won't grace you all with that.  It's foul. 

Some other adventures we've been on together while traveling for work - riding the bull (again in our suits after a big meeting), skiing, snow tubing, ice skating. 

At the end of the day, you only live once, right?! 

Be sure to check out the post below for my Christmas decorating!  I'm linked up with Kelly's Korner today.


  1. Sounds like fun!!! I live close to Short Hills and it is amazing!!!

  2. I love things like that!! Way to be brave!

  3. That's too cute! You're such a good sport for playing along. I love finding the unexpected, silly experiences in life.


  4. I've always thought that may be fun to try, but probably wouldn't ever do it! Glad you did it though :)

  5. so fun! the summer i worked at the day camp they had one and it was so much fun! i loved doing flips on it!

    and i love all the random things you do while work traveling!

  6. you are brave! I am such a chicken when it comes to things like that!

  7. I always see high schoolers doing those when I'm at the mall!! I'm sure that was a different way to spend a lunch break...

  8. That is so funny! You are brave, because I probably wouldn't have done that, especially if I was wearing a suit for work! Looks like it was fun though! :)