Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap

I'll be the first to admit, this Christmas was a little different this year as it was the first time in 29 years I hadn't been to Maryland.  But it was different in such a great way.  We had baby Sarah arrive on the 20th as our best Christmas gift yet! 

There are lots of pictures below but I promise they get really entertaining, especially about 75% down when something completely unexpected occurred on Christmas afternoon.  Hilarious.

Christmas Eve morning I got up and went for a run before heading out of Charlotte and down to Pawleys Island again (2nd time that week!). 

Big Sis Anna Kate spread some reindeer food that evening before she went to bed.

And she laid out some snacks for Santa. 

Christmas morning came early and as you can see, her lil sis was her favorite gift.

Isn't Sarah adorable?  Hmmmm maybe I'm a lil biased, but she is!  Should we send this in to the VV catalog?!  5 day old Sarah.

My Mom (Nannie) with Sarah.

Anna Kate got a microphone from Santa and she knew every Country song on my brother's ipod.  She's a star!  We're still not sure if she or my brother liked it more!  Haha!

My Dad (Poppa) opening some gifts.

Anna Kate was thrilled with her new puppy sleeping bag.  It was sooo cute.

My brother, sis in law Emily and Fin.  Fin is seriously like a human.

Anna Kate opening her Easy Bake Oven.  I've wanted to give her one of these since she was born and this was finally the year that Emily said she was freaking out over it when she saw it in commercials.  She loved it and we made chocolate chip cookies that night!

Me holding lil Sarah.  She was my favorite gift but some others that Santa and my family gave me were a Lilly clutch from my bro's family, J. Crew card, cardigan, yoga mat, white house ornament, itunes card, ornaments from Mom and Dad and the cutest polka dot bag from Emily's parents with a reindeer tea-towel in it.  Anna Kate gave me a potholder with a crab design on it that she made in about precious.

Mid afternoon on Christmas Day, Clay took Emily's Dad and I out to see the lot they are buying in January.  This is the view...

View from their dock.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Lucky!

Isn't this the sweetest picture of Daddy (my brother) and both of his girls?

This lil fake cat named Snowflake is about as close as Santa was going to get to bringing Anna Kate a kitten.  Seriously Emily did you just have a child 5 days ago?

All was relatively quiet in the house about an hour before dinner when BOOM!  The Christmas tree came tumbling down!  Clay, Dad and I were sitting in there and I saw the whole thing happen - it was like it was in slow mo!  Poor Clay was sitting right in it's path, thankfully neither of the little girls were anywhere close.  Once we found that only one ornament had been broken (and it wasn't a keepsake), the whole thing was hilarious.  Let me tell yall - ornaments have never been taken off a tree so quickly.  We got that thing out of the house and the floor mopped with beach towels so the water wouldn't hurt their hardwoods.  Easy Christmas tree clean up this year.  Perhaps a bigger stand next year?  Ha! 

Meanwhile, the grandmothers made Christmas dinner featuring country ham, turkey, broccoli, cranberry casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes and collards. 

After dinner we had some rose champagne to toast baby Sarah!  Emily wanted me to let yall know that she does have champagne glasses but they were a lil difficult to get out.  Umm and it isn't like you had a baby a few days prior!!!

We had a very blessed Christmas.  Words can't express how lucky we are.

I came home on Monday the 26th, thankful for the time I spent with my family.  It's time I always treasure. 

I was glad to get back to see Kevin though! ;)  We did our lil Christmas that afternoon and evening and had a great time.  He loved all of his gifts and of course he went crazy on me!  He gave me the VV Shep Shirt which I've lived in since (SO comfy), iTunes card, Lollia Wish perfume and the most gorgeous brown pearl bracelet.  He went nuts! 
The gold buckle above is from some fake Tory's I had years ago and he had taken the buckles off and kept them.  He thought they were real! ;)  Anyway he put them in my stocking and said I could put them on any shoes and they'd be Torys.  Bless his heart!  He is pretty cute about all that though. 

Anyway, thanks for reading my longgg Christmas recap.  I'm glad to have it all here so I can remember everything year after year.  I don't care how much fun my "mr. facebook" brother makes of my blog.


  1. Looks like a special Christmas--you MUST send that pic into Vineyard Vines!!

  2. Looks like a such a fun Christmas! Your nieces are adorable! Hope you have a great New Years!

  3. Friends love to make fun of my blog too but they all sure like to read it! Looks like a great Christmas!

  4. you have to send that photo to VV! it's adorable!

  5. At least with the Christmas Tree falling, you know that it will be a Christmas you will never forget! And that picture of your niece in the VV whale hat is too adorable to not send to the catalog!!!

  6. It looks like you had a great holiday!Please come see me at the store!!

    I work midday everyday next week but Wednesday-Friday.

  7. Such a sweet Christmas recap! Love it! Can't wait to see what 2012 brings you!

  8. what a great holiday!! (way behind on my blogs) so glad you had such an amazing christmas :) xoxo