Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decorating

Thank you for joining me as I give you a mini Christmas tour through my uptown Charlotte condo!  Every year I love to share my Christmas decorations with everyone.  You can see 2009 here and 2010 here

First up is my bar/kitchen area where this year I'm displaying a hurricane with some of my favorite ornaments (including a Lilly!) and burning my Nest candle all the time!

They other end has a tall gold Christmas tree with some fresh greenery and cocktail napkins.

My foyer area.

Up close of my table decorations!  I got the pillar at Pottery Barn this year and have loved using it to decorate.  During the fall you may remember I had mini pumpkins in it.  This time my Mom helped me and put cranberries and moss.

Must have fun tea towels!

One of my end tables with my special Maryland lamp, Rudolph, linen drink napkins and a bowl with fresh holly in it.

The mini Christmas tree that my Mom made me when my home was on the Holiday Home Tour in 2008.

Maryland Santa is my newest addition this year.  How adorable is he holding his beach chair and a plate of crabs?!  Thanks Mama! ;)  Love the white candle to the left with the red and green in smells delightful and my friend Lauren gave it to me a few years ago!  And yes, that's Young Kevin in that picture!  Ha!

The top of my dresser.  Some mini candles in the silver holder.

Just a little addition!

This is also a new this year!  I'm calling it my White House tree as it has the all the White House ornaments going back to 2002 on it.  I think it is so pretty and elegant and I LOVE turning it on every evening when I come home.  Sometimes I just sit by the tree light with the rest of my condo dark!

Some ornaments up close.

My other end table with Mr. and Mrs. Claus!  They are beautiful pieces and keepsakes.

This is my coffee table filled with a platinum wire tree, lil Santa bowl, Southern Living, my sign-in book from when my home was on the Holiday Home tour (love having this), another pillar from Pottery Barn with snow, pinecones and cranberries in it and some more cocktail napkins.  And a big ole poinsettia in the background!  I love the way they make anywhere feel Christmas-y!

Hope you've enjoyed seeing all of my condo Christmas decorations!  I'd love to see yours if you'll leave a link, I'll definitely check it out!  :) 

I wish y'all a Merry Christmas!


  1. Love all of the Christmas decorations!

  2. I love all of your little details! Merry merry!


  3. Great decorations! I love to just sit by the tree too! Also, that Maryland Santa is SO they make them for other states? If so, can you email me a link of where to get one!?

  4. Cute! You saw mine earlier this week. I have almost all the White House ornaments from 2002 as well. My favorite is the wedding one.

  5. i love the hurricane vase with the ornaments!

    and the maryland santa is adorable!

  6. The Santa in the kitchen is too cute!

  7. I adore your tree with all of the White House ornaments! What a great tradition. I have a couple, but would love to start this one day with kids or my nephews. ;)

  8. Oh, I love the White House tree. What a great idea. (It looks as though you have a nice view from your living room window. I bet it's awesome at night.)