Monday, October 19, 2009


We went out to Town Tavern on Friday night. Saw my friend Kim there so that was a nice surprise. Also a bunch of Avenue guys were there. For some crazy reason we went to Dixie's afterwards - mistake!
On Saturday, Kevin thought it would be funny to rearrange all of my stuff and take all of my decorations and put them somewhere else in my house. Look at how messy my counter was! PS - all this happened when I was in the shower and I thought Kevin was at his place! He's crazy! Okay so maybe you had to be there...
Clay and Emily called yesterday and told me they were coming through Charlotte in about 40 minutes. I flew down to where 485 and 77 come together and met them at a Panera. It was SOOO fun to see them and Anna Kate. She is just so adorable!!! Here she is identifying flower colors...
You can point to anything and she can tell you exactly what it is. Clay has taught her to touch her tongue to her she is doing that...ha!
Last night we decided to make a nicer dinner than usual. Kevin made some filets and I did the creamed spinach, potatoes and salad. Needless to say, the steaks were way too big, we cooked way too much and we have lots of leftovers!!

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