Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clothes Swap

I got to talk to my best friend of all times (aka since age 5) on Saturday. We only talk every so often, but we always start off where we left off. It is like time never went by...you know that feeling. Well she was telling me about a clothes swap/game night she went to on Thursday night with some girlfriends. So this is how it works:

- You go into your own closet and pick out clothes, jewelry, purses, accessories you never wear that you would otherwise donate (they do have to be in relatively good shape!).

- Take some items to the swap and you look around at other people's things and ask if they'd like to swap. And so on... Pretty easy, right?

- Then you go home with a few new pieces for your closet and you made others excited about their new finds! And, nothing goes to waste!

- Also, Lindsay told me their host donated the remainder of everyone's collection they didn't want to charity.

In addition to the swap, they drank wine and played a few board games. Sounds like a fun girls night. What are your thoughts? Any creative ideas for girl's nights?

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  1. What a fun idea! You'll have to try it with your CLT girls and tell us how it goes!