Friday, October 23, 2009

Leg accident

Oops, had a lil accident on Wednesday at work. Was carrying a table with a glass top, went to turn it over to put in my car upside down....wellllll...evidently the glass top wasn't attached to the legs and the heavy glass slid down my shin. Yea, gross image, i know. It is foul looking, but I won't post a picture, in case we have any weak stomach readers! I got my purse, ran up to my office and got help from some people in the office. One of them was sweet enough to take me to urgent care. Kevin met me there. They couldn't give me stiches because there was nothing to stitch back...the piece of skin was hanging from the bottom. They cut that off, cleaned out the laceration and wrapped it up.

I went back yesterday to get it re-wrapped but she said she wants to start letting it dry out so it'll heel. OUCH, this is the worst it has hurt. Since it is right where my foot meets my leg, every time I move my foot, the skin moves and cracks. SO, Kevin is helping me walk everywhere I go. Talk about an amazing BF!!! He has waited on me hand and foot (no pun intended!). I'm very lucky to have him...especially only one floor away!

Tomorrow, we are going to a wedding for one of my very best friends from college down in Greenville, SC. I can't wait! I hope to hobble around and we'll party on down to celebrate Cheryl and Brian. Pictures to come early next week!

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