Monday, September 28, 2009


We had such a fun weekend! It started off by taking a look at Kevin's new condo he bought at 4th Ward Square. They are still working on upfitting it but this will be his view to the soonly converted salt water pool. Don't worry, he isn't moving there....he's going to rent it out.
Downtown Dan (one of Kevin's buddies who told him about this project) took us back to the Avenue in his 1965 Rolls Royce, very cool ride. He said he does about 85 weddings a year in it.

Saturday morning, Kevin ran his first 5k race which started at Brixx uptown. His co-worker was there and took a picture of us. I'm very proud of him and I think he had a good time running it and being out there with a bunch of runners. He could have probably done about 5 minutes better on his time if he had really known what to expect. (ucky pic but whatever!) That night we met his parents down in Fort Lawn, SC at the Catawba Fish Camp. Talk about country - whewwww we! Down home southern style. This place even had a drive through.
Talk about some fried food - ha!!! Craziness! Definitely learned some new southern lingo for seafood. Let's just say it is quite different from a crab house on the eastern shore of Maryland - ha!
Here we are leaning on the back of Kevin's Dad's pick up. All part of the experience!
After dinner, we headed up to Ballantyne for my friend (and sorority sister) Courtney's finace's birthday party at her house. We had so much fun catching up with everyone! Thank yall for a great time! Ahh, I wish I had taken some pictures there. Grrrrr.

Sunday we did our normal errands and then one of Kevin's buddies Brad came over to grill out. He stayed until about 9. We watched football and I cooked them dinner. It was a good time and just what we all needed to end the weekend!

Tonight is Monday Night Football. Go Panthers! Avenue is throwing a party on the 10th floor with a free keg and wings.

I'm out for a couple days in NJ. Talk to you guys later this week!

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