Monday, September 21, 2009

Clay and Emily's Visit

Clay and Emily came up from Pawleys for a visit to Charlotte. They hadn't seen my place yet or been to Charlotte in a couple of years so it was fun to show them around. They brought Fin so here he is chilling on my bed being an Uptown Dog. Anna Kate didn't come up this time but she will next time when things are going to be so chaotic at Aunt Beth's. She was lucky enough to stay with one of Emily's friends.
Here is SIL Emily and I on the balcony. We had a condo crawl in our building that night and Kevin and I hosted at my place. It was a blast. We were stop #2 of 7. It was football themed so we did the Redskins.

Here are some of my Ave girls. Jen, Me, Wendy, Kim. Wendy shared with us that she and Josh are expecting in April. We're thrilled for them. They also hosted and represented for the Steelers - that's why she has the cute shirt on that says, "Brewing a future Steeler fan."

Fin could mostly do what he wanted at Aunt Beth's. Here he is on my bar drinking some water...
Kevin washing Fin's paws. Kev thought it was so funny because one he had had some beverages and two because I always ask Kev if he has washed his paws. Guess you had to be there...

Em and Clay dancing out at Whisky River.

SO cool.

Riding the bull.

Kev told Clay - "if you ride that bull, i'll get you a shot." Clay said, "i want a bud light." PS - this is try #2 for Clay - his sunglasses being on didn't help him much the first time.

The four of us...we had a blast!

Yall come back again soon!!!!!

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