Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun Weekend!

We had a great, supposively relaxing weekend. We started Friday night by doing errands then coming home and making margaritas. They are sooo good. Instead of coating the rim of the glass with lime juice to make the salt stick, you coat it with honey. YUM.

Here is a picture that Kevin took of me right before the Hog Jog race started. I did terrible but it was probably because of the margaritas and a late night at Stoolies. They overserved me again! Oh well, it was still fun to get out there early and run. Kevin came with me which I really appreciated!

We went to the Bloody Mary/Screwdriver contest afterwards which was cool. As part of the race, you got to participate in it. It was five different restaurants and each one had both drinks. We had to rate them. It was nice to be able to taste what you like so you'll know next time you go to one of the places. The race was also part of the Blues, Brews and BBQ festival so we walked around that too.
Had a few people over then went out to Town Tavern on Saturday night. Here is Tara and Emily.
Tara, Kevin, B, Steven.
Kevin realllllly wanted to stop by the Greek Festival on Sunday before the football began. We ran over there and walked around for an hour or so. I wouldn't say we would go back next year but we had fun being cultural and walking around. We saw some of his parents friends so it was nice chatting with them.
Kevin made me get this picture taken with this guy. He said, "oh your parents would love this picture of you - go jump in there." ahhhh.... so here you go mom and dad... PS - the guy told me to do mean face - how do you do that?!!

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  1. those margaritas look good! what's yall's recipe for them? darn getting overserved; that happens way to much in Charlotte restaurants apparently! :-P