Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Updates to the Beach House

Every time we go to the beach I feel like all I do is work on the house. Especially when my Dad is there because he knows how to do everything handy! 

This is a list of what we got accomplished during Spring Break...

Put deck box together and put in our back yard under the stairs with cinder blocks in it so it doesn't float around

Boat lift motor change - they had put two different speed motors on the lift so the guys had to fix this. We only took the boat off then put it back on so this was relatively easy. 

Put together a cabinet ($130) for our main room

Mounted a flag holder on the back of the house along the canal

Got a cover for an irrigation hole in front of the house

Put some weed and feed on the yard 

Got a bunch of stone from Lowe's and filled in the area between the fence and the canal bulkhead

Re-secured the electrical meter box on the outside of the house

Got a new vacuum FINALLY

Fixed a fan blade that had broken off 

Here's the before and after of the cabinet!

We have taken all three of the pulls off (too modern for me) and the bottom two we changed to brass cleats from West Marine (nautical vibe) and the top knob I'm looking at possibly getting this one from Anthropologie (they have the best knobs FYI!). I'll take a picture of the cabinet after all three knobs are on it and will share!

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